Glamour v0.28 Offline

Glamour v0.28 Offline

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Glamour v0.28 Offline
« เมื่อ: กรกฎาคม 26, 2020, 07:57:14 am »
Glamour v0.28 Offline

Main character (a guy or a girl, your choice) from a small town turns 18 and it's time to go to college. Thankfully, they get an opportunity to move into big city and apply into a new experimental college. New live, new opportunities, and no oversight from an overprotective mom! Turns out main character doesn't even have to pay for the college! All they have to do is sign a strange contract and agree to follow college rules, breaking which might have grave consequences, up to being expelled... And not only that, the rules might change in the future, too.

    Kate can finally earn money on the villa
    New events with Nick and Julia in the basement
    Kate can now tan topless
    Extra scenes with sophie
    Reduced waiting time between implementing optional and the mandatory medical exams. People had nothing to do but wait, and it wasn't super obvious, so we've decided to cut it down.
    Removed an outdated line in of the old quests.
    Fixed a bug where sometimes Julia would bug Kate every night, even if Kate turns her down. The game was mistakenly updating the wrong cooldown, specifically one for the events with Nick and Julia. Now, when turned down, Julia will leave Kate alone for 7 to 14 days. Same goes to Julia and Nick inviting Kate to have fun together.
    Increased cooldowns for the side effects from the Zoe's pills. It used to have basically no cooldown and could possibly happen every day. Now if Kate turns someone down, the next event will have a 10-16 days cooldown (every character has their own cooldown, too). Now if Kate agrees to do stuff with Oscar, the next event will happen in 3 to 5 days.
    Fixed a bug when a certain step in the massage office (in Julia's fitness club) would display the wrong step and make things confusing.
    Added a line in the Special chemistry quest when Kate would need to take the pill, and she needed more Nick and Julia progress but the game didn't tell about that requirement.
    Now Max is more than a background decoration in the villa and Kate can now talk to him.
    The College committee quest becomes inactive once players complete all available content in it.
    Same goes to the Cheerleading squad quest.
    Now the game correctly shows Kate now wearing any underwear when she's changing in the college medical office.
    Fixed many various bugs in the offline version of the game, as well as countless typos.

Developer: Dark Silver
Platform: Windows
Language: English, Russian
Version: 0.28 Offline
Censored: No
Size: 3500 mb



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