Kozue's Strange Journey [Final] [Asakiyumemishi, Kagura Games]

Kozue's Strange Journey [Final] [Asakiyumemishi, Kagura Games]

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Kozue's Strange Journey [Final] [Asakiyumemishi, Kagura Games]
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      Kozue's Strange Journey [Final] [Asakiyumemishi/Kagura Games]       

Adult video game (18+) 

Updated: 07-August-2020   
Genre: RPG,Group sex, Multiple penetration, Adventure, Fantasy, Vaginal sex, Groping, Titfuck, Oral sex, Creampie, Big tits, Tentacles, Lesbian, Humiliation, Humor, Virgin, Anal sex, Superpowers, Big ass
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: Asakiyumemishi, Kagura Games
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size:   656 MB

About This Game:
One night, when Kozue Kato realizes she's forgotten some paperwork at her university, she decides to make a late-night trip to grab it.
However, when large dark beasts appear during her errand, she barely escapes with her life thanks to the help of a mysterious woman named Sayuri Shirasagi.
Not all is well, though. Soon reports of people going missing begin to spread. Kozue and Sayuri suspect the creatures and disappearances are related, and they decide to team up to investigate.
Having barely escaped with her life after being attacked by shadowy monsters, Kozue, and the woman who helped save her decide to team up to investigate the creatures and their connection to reports of mysterious disappearances around town.​

 Classic RPG Experience
    Turn-based RPG
    Contemporary Fantasy Setting
    Enemy Knockdown System
    Bonus Turn System




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