Vikings Daughter - Version 0.22.0 [FlyRenders]

Vikings Daughter - Version 0.22.0 [FlyRenders]

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Vikings Daughter - Version 0.22.0 [FlyRenders]
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   Vikings Daughter - Version 0.22.0 [FlyRenders] 

FlyRenders is creating an Adult 3D Game with Vikings(NSFW)

Updated: 18-August-2020   
Genre: 3D Game, RPG,Animated, Male protagonist, Oral sex, Vaginal Sex, Open world, Anal sex
Censorship: None
Developer: FlyRenders
Version: 0.22.0
OS: Windows 64
Language: English
Size: 3.43 GB

A village lies abandoned, its people either killed or taken by a rival clan! You, a smith's son visiting to deliver some weapons, are roped into getting them back by the chief's beautiful daughter. Explore the land, become a renowned warrior and find plenty of women to take to your bed along the way!
Viking's Daughter is an adult RPG with beautiful 3D graphics set in the time of the Vikings.

Viking's Daughter v0.22.0 Changelog
Before the changelog, we want to let you know that we made a couple of changes to the scene names and the new island is now named Skadiland. If you have an old save there, it may cause some issues in case you load it now.

If you want to load a save, then press Load Game -> Yes - this will ensure you have a stable progressed save.

NSFW Scenes
  New animation scene with Hilde that has 8 animations (about 2500 frames) - it can be found in the Playground mode and Story mode.

 New quest while on the ship.
    Extended the "Find Alvilda" quest.
    New quest "Gather the crew"
    New quest "Traps"
    New quest "Night Journey"
    Quest timers improved - you have a limited time to complete a quest or you fail and have to restart.

 One new scene has been added, which contains dialogues and quests in the ocean, while traveling to the Skadiland. It's not 100% done and we are waiting for an erotic scene and dialogues to add there.

New Systems & AI
We spent a lot of time making NPCs fight each other based on their clan, it will be shown in the next version since it needs a bit more polish
    Increased the hit collider of some of the enemies
    Adjusted the health / damage to some enemies
    Walk to location AI
    Talk AI - mainly used during quests where you and the character are walking towards a location and now we can display dialogues in the meantime
    Night time mode
    Placing items on the ground (during Trap quest)
    Improved weather on Skadiland.

Bug Fixes & Improvements
 Big improvements to the Skadiland, more vegetation and better post processing effects.
    The attack collider of the NPCs gets disabled during dodging so you won't take damage, in the past you could still get hit if you were too close while the NPC was dodging.
    Fixed one bug that made some Linux devices crash
    Better and more performant anti aliasing in the new scene
    Scene loading improvements - based on your platform, we are using different ways to load the next scene

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