Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft v0.29 Cracked [Project Helius]

Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft v0.29 Cracked [Project Helius]

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Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft v0.29 Cracked [Project Helius]
« เมื่อ: กันยายน 07, 2020, 07:36:19 pm »
   Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft v0.29 Cracked [Project Helius] 
Paralogue -  New name  "Fallen Doll - Operation Lovecraft" Windows + VR


Project Helius is creating - A real-time 3D erotic adult game with VR

Updated:   06-September-2020   
Genre: 3D Game, Sci-Fi, UE4,Animated, Voiced, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex,SLG, 3D, Constructor, Big Tits,Big Breasts, Slave,BDSM, Group, Oral,Doggystyle, Tentacles, Yuri
Censorship: None
Developer: Project Helius
Version: v0.29 Cracked 
OS: Windows  + VR
Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
Size:   10.96 GB

About This Game:
The Paralogue is a series of transitory game builds serving as a full scale upgrade of Fallen Doll and a concept prototype of Fallen Doll's sequel.
As a frontier research and military base revolving Yuggoth, the newly discovered Kuiper belt dwarf planet unbeknownst to human race until late 21 century, Archimedes orbital station harbors a pair of sentient military AI mainframes which can project their sentience unto any synthetic body with a positronic brain: Erika (Electronic Recon-Infiltration Combat Agent) and Alet (Assault-Type Lite)

Change Log - Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft v0.29  Released!:

Added Japanese and Chinese localizations, Russian localizations will be added in update v0.30 next month.

This update focuses on Dr.Anya's sex scenes.
New partner: Elder Thing

New Sex Scenes:
Anya+Elder Thing V 01
Anya+Elder Thing V 02
Anya+Basatan V 01
Anya+Dreamer V 08
Anya+Dreamer A 02
Anya+Hybrid V 01
Anya+Byakhee A 01
Alet+Dreamer A 04
Erika+Yith A 03

Added jizz swallowing option for Erika+Hybrid Handjob
Reworked all Erika+Byakhee scenes
Various animation tweaks for previous Anya scenes
New Erika dress changing visual effects

Reworked Ahegao Mode (Expressions are tweaked and no longer static. Now only triggered after reaching multiple orgasms without switching to another pose.
Can be turned off in the options)
Better jizz on skin visuals
New Erika voices
Remade the stockings and heels for Erika's Night Maid set
Fixed a display bug when byakhee is set as transparent





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