Corrupting Kayleigh Version 1.01

Corrupting Kayleigh Version 1.01

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Corrupting Kayleigh Version 1.01
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Corrupting Kayleigh Version 1.01

What would you do for money? How much degradation could you put up with for a thousand dollars? Two thousand? Three? Would you "perform" in public? With strangers? For your boss? Would you put yourself at the whim of a man to whom money is an endless commodity and morality is always for sale? Care to masturbate in a mall? Suck someone off in their office? Would you for money? And if you make it through the mall, how far would you progress through your sexual training at the opulent but mysterious Mansion on the outskirts of town, a place where the filthy rich slack their boredom on the next PYT that comes along? Slut? Homewrecker? Courtesan? Something even worse? Something darker and more final? How will Kayleigh's journey end? You decide.?

- 141 new images on the cinema. Madarahyuuga that's the part that was blocked.
- 101 text fixes as pointed by BrokenRose, changing the narrative perspective.
- New RenPy inspired settings pane.
- Characters session added.
- Scenes counter fix.
- Keyboard commands:

Platform: Windows
Language: English, Portuguese, Google translated: Germany, French, Russian, Spanish
Version: 1.01
Censored: No
Size: 580 mb


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