Wicked Island [v0.8.4 Full release] [RawDarkness]

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Wicked Island [v0.8.4 Full release] [RawDarkness]
« เมื่อ: พฤศจิกายน 09, 2023, 01:38:53 AM »
Wicked Island [v0.8.4 Full release] [RawDarkness]

Released: 07-November-2023
Genre: 3D Game,Open World,  Female protagonist, Vaginal sex,  Big ass, Big tits, Creampie, Combat, Ugly bastard 
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: RawDarkness
Version: 0.8.4 Full
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 11.01 GB

About This Game:
Adult open world survival with sex defeat system.
Combat horny monsters, Craft and upgrade your gear, unlock pet monsters and upgrade them for more sex animations

Changelog: v0.8.4 Full release
This update replaces the building system with a completely new one as well as overhauls the pregnancy system to make it divided into trimesters as well as work better with loading and saving progress between levels or game loading.

The new building system now has everything buildable in one menu, hence all placeable items has been removed and put in this menu.
Summons are now instead consumable items that spawns a summon rather than placeable buildings.


    New building system, now has furniture, new building pieces, different system for snapping (more free to be creative but might also be a bit harder to control compared to the old system). Beams/pillars allow for much more creativity. Snapping should work for all pieces. Snapping can now also be toggled on or off.
    Blood pools spawn under dead enemies
    Enemies will now go flying when dying, based on damage dealt (this never worked before but should work as intended now)
    Simulated penetrations (only vag for now). Haven't tested how this looks on any animations so could look wonky. If you find strange stuff, please report it!
    Projectiles and melee attacks will now make noise which AI might perceive and react t


    Refactored much of the internal workings of the pregnancy system, hopefully works more reliably now
    Changed pregnancy text to pick a random text for each trimester, pregnancy is now divided into 3 trimesters with different effects on the player for each one
    Navbar tips should now reflect available commands when mounted
    Removed 8 old hairstyles, added 23 new ones for a total of 30 hairstyles to pick from
    Repairkit now requires bronze nails instead of iron ore
    lactation visuals will only play in trimester 3 (if enabled in settings)
    player model should deform/bend more realistically


    Shelter should now work properly when indoor or covered from rain
    Ambushes should only happen during night
    Sleeping in tent should now be safe, no ambushes
    bronze sword now requires copper instead of iron
    chest on beach can now be opened with key (again >.<)
    Fixed black arms issue
    tattoos should now work everywhere on the body (not sure at what point that broke..)
    Foot rotation on player


    Increased start-up speed and memory use of the game (potentially)
    Optimized tree shadows, this should result in mucho fps!

Known issues (in addition to previously reported things that has not been marked as fixed)

    Placing painting/wall items with snapping turned off places items at an offset from the wall, making it fall down. Paintings are basically not useful currently due to this since the snapping is not made for wall items. Wall torches work but are fairly limited to where they can be placed.
    Game freezes for a bit when pressing single player in main menu, this is due to a bunch of stuff loading into memory that shouldn't. Just wait for a second or two and it should go back to normal.