Space Journey X [v1.10.10] [y.v.]

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Space Journey X [v1.10.10] [y.v.]
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Space Journey X [v1.10.10] [y.v.]

Released: 20-November-2023
Genre:   3DCG, Adventure, Sandbox, Sci-fi, Trainer, Oral Sex, Vaginl Sex, Sex Toys, Handjob, Voyeurism, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, Bdsm
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: y.v.
Version: 1.10.10 + Walkthrough
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 1.01 GB

About This Game:
Our human hero is hurled across space alongside an alien female deep space explorer, whose ship he accidentally destroyed...
Supported by an overconfident drone and a mysterious passenger, it is our hero's task to make his fortune and embark on the long journey back home, while dealing with alien women, crazy sex-bots and adventurers in his path...​

Changelog: V1.10

Main New Features

    New Main Quest
    Expanded Disciplining Game
    Verity Poledance
    Sickbay and Crew Room 2
    Dr. Moira onbarded into Crew
    New job for Seraphine (Shopping, Surprise Crates)
    GUI updates
    Voron Hyperdrive Player Base Jumps
    Cluster Mines
    Navigateable and Mineable Quthor system
    Expanded Disciplining Minigame
    GUI improvements.
    BOT Balancing (& Slot Upgrades)
    New exclusive items
    New NSFW Scenes and animations